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Atlassian Partner since 2006

Software is changing the world and our products make an impact in those who create them. Nearly 20.000 companies worldwide already use Atlassian's issue trackers, collaborative wiki and dev tools to help build better software, more cost-effective and efficiently.

Our approach...

Agile Inmersion

Ideal for small teams that want to embrace change with the best tools in the market:
> JIRA (10 users)
> Greenhopper
> Personalización
> JIRA Training
> Agile Seminar

...from 995 €

Scrum Pilot

Implement Scrum in an actual project with our masters' advice:
> JIRA (25+ users)
> Greenhopper
> Bamboo
> Actual pilot (4 weeks)
> Scrum Master (10+ days)

...from 5.995 €


We have been implementing agile using the Atlassian tool suite for 6 years:
> Greenhopper
> Bamboo
> Agile Coaching
> Scrum, Lean-Kanban, XP


Atlassian suite


Jira. Track, Plan, Analyze.

Track everything – bugs, tasks, projects, people, source – and pull reports for easy analysis and management. The center of our product suite, the hub for your dev team.


Greenhopper. Agile Project Management.

Agile project management for Scrum or Kanban teams.


Bamboo. Continuous Integration.

Continuous integration, continuous deployment and release management.


Confluence. Content Collaboration.

Content collaboration tool for teams to create, share, and discuss rich content – projects, documentation, files, ideas, minutes, specs, diagrams, mockups, anything.


FishEye. Search & Manage Code.

Browse, search, and manage your source code repositories.


Crucible. Peer code review.

Find bugs and improve code quality through peer feedback.


Bonfiere. Exploratory testing for agile teams.

Rapid bug reporting for session-based web application testing.

Team Calendars

Team Calendars. Keep Track of Everything.

Manage team leave, track projects, and plan events.

Sharepoint connector

SharePoint Conectors. Hook it up.

Connect Confluence with Microsoft's SharePoint.

See it in action.

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