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Novagenia, practical agile

Agile methods and tools to increase your team's productivity

We help companies worlwide increase their productivity by embracing agile methods and tools using our custom tailored plans.

Agile Inmersion

Ideal for small teams that want to embrace change with the best tools in the market:
> JIRA (10 users)
> Greenhopper
> Personalización
> JIRA Training
> Agile Seminar

...from 995 €

Scrum Pilot

Implement Scrum in an actual project with our masters' advice:
> JIRA (25+ users)
> Greenhopper
> Bamboo
> Actual pilot (4 weeks)
> Scrum Master (10+ days)

...from 5.995 €


We have been implementing agile using the Atlassian tool suite for 6 years:
> Greenhopper
> Bamboo
> Agile Coaching
> Scrum, Lean-Kanban, XP


Software Factory

...our committment

Our Software Factory is the perfect testbed to make the best of our skills and experience. It is also the way we help our customers make their software projects a success with an exceptional methodology.


...customer satisfaction

Learn how we have helped our customers be more reliable and productive with the introduction of agile methods and collaborative tools such as JIRA, Greenhopper, Confluence or Bamboo. With our customer's success in mind, Novagenia offers the skills and experience of our certified agilistas through our professional services.


...success stories

  • Amper
  • InOutTV
  • Irismedia
  • Sogecable
  • SICE
  • Meta4
  • Xpertia Soluciones Integrales
  • Secuenzia
  • Hospital Universitario La Fé

Our Partners in Spain, experts in Jira, Greenhopper, Confluence, Bamboo, PlasticSCM

Atlassian Partner

Since 2006 Novagenia has contributed to better software promoting the use of Atlassian tools in Spain.
26.000+ companies worldwide have purchased enterprise licenses of Atlassian tools in order to work in a smarter, more efficient and reliable way.


We are determined to bring the best-of-breed products to our customers. That is why Novagenia has become a partner and reseller of the leader product in Distributed Version Control System (DVCS): PlasticSCM. Compared to the open source alternatives such us Git or Mercurial, PlasticSCM provides a complete toolset to work in a distributed and task oriented manner with the highest corporate standards.

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