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Eduardo Mayor es el co-fundador de Novagenia Information Technologies, empresa dedicada a la asesoría y coaching en agilismo aplicado a gestión de proyectos de tecnología.


Corporate agile

I have found that one of the main obstacles in the adoption of agile methods by conventional organizations has to do with the impact of a non-conventional layout (like that of Scrum) on a corportation’s organizational chart. In this entry about corporate agilism we deal with the role of Quality Assurance engineers from different perspectives.

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JIRA Plugins: Data model access

In previous entries of this blog, we have shown how to create Atlassian plugins for Atlassian JIRA by extending built-in search functionallity with JQL functions. This new post will provide you with some information regarding OfBiz in order to access JIRA’s data model directly. Our goal will be to create a JQL function that can use any records stored in JIRA (or Greenhopper) data model.

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