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Welcome to The Manifest, the corporate blog of Novagenia (Information Technologies).

Novagenia  is a spanish company specialized in  Agile Methods and Tools applied, mainly, but not exclusively, to creating software solutions.

From a personal perspective,my experience on agile methods dates to ancient history, back to 1999, when I stumbled upon an interesting refection on new ways of facing software development methods. The author was a Mr Kent Beck and it was published in the first wiki site (created by Ward Cuningham who, besides, came up with the name wiki from a Hawaian word for  fast although that is another story…) You can still access a modern version of the site in this link. Once I was test infected there was no cure; ¡it was impossible to accept waterfall paradigm dogma!

Some time later, after co-founding Novagenia in 2004, I decided that besides using the best software develoment process, I needed the best tools available in the market. I tested dozens of applications for months (Saas computing was not in fashion at the time) from open source solutions to comercial tools our budget could buy. Until I found the tool suite that I have been using since: JIRA + Confluence. For those of you who still haven’t used them, there are important open source projects using these tools: Apache, JBoss, Spring, Alfresco, etc. Then in 2006 Novagenia started providing consulting services on Agile Methods and we became the first Atlassian partner in Spain.

In the next articles on The Manifest we’ll try and share our take on agilism from a pragmatical outlook, writing about experiences and lessons learned during these exciting years providing our small contribution to the community. I hope you will share with us the journy that starts today…

Eduardo Mayor

Author: Eduardo Mayor

Eduardo Mayor is a software engineer with 20+ years of experience. He is also the founder of Novagenia Information Technologies, a company focused on introducing agile methods and tools to companies worldwide.

Visit us in: http://www.novagenia.com
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2 thoughts on “About The Manifest…

  1. Deseo realizar una consulta; me encomendaron realizar un análisis para saber si se puede implementar un tablero de mandos o de control sobre jira. La consulta es si podría ser viable implementar esta solución desarrollando un pluggin según las instrucciones indicadas mas adelante en este blog.
    Desde ya, muchas gracias por tu respuesta al respecto.
    Atte. Gustavo.

  2. Gustavo,
    Los tableros de mandos se personalizan desde la herramienta añadiendo gadgets que proporciona JIRA (y otros plugins). Solamente en el caso en que los gadgets que vienen por defecto o que proporcionan terceros no se adapten a tus necesidades, puede ser necesario desarrollar un plugin. Este plugin proporcionaría nueva funcionalidad en forma de gadget que, una vez subido a JIRA, estaría disponible para crear nuevos cuadros de mando.

    Espero haber aclarado tus dudas. Si no es así o deseas información personalizada, te invito a que nos contactes a través de nuestra web:

    Un saludo,

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